Designed by Novo Grav
(official Corel Partner)

  • Functions in a fast preview Automatic layout calculation with detailed preview in a separate window
  • Text block processing for simple design creation of texts with varying number of lines
  • Detailed preview with different data for each line. With scroll function for each sign. Herewith the entire series can be examined. Eventual problems can be easily located. Also effects and changes of the formation can be eyed-up right away. Even 500 different texts are calculated within a part of a second.
  • Font, size and format for each line/block selectable
  • Background images can be faded in during preview for positioning control of the texts
  • Automatic adjustment of graphics
  • Manufacturing of all possible margin-forms for cutting or plotting
  • Text import over the clipboard ( copy/paste function e.g. Excel ) with subsequently automatic partition
  • Text import of TXT files out of other applications ( e.g. Excel-tab separate text )
  • Number generator for automatic creation of texts with numerical order
  • Various automatic text functions (change into upper case etc. )
  • Matrix function with various texts
  • and muche more ...
The perfect tool for all sign makers and laser engravers and other peoples who have to make the setup and text layout. It's possible to save 80% of Time from normal setup time.

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